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Please find below a snippet, why AppAppeal liked us: is ideal for anyone who is investing or anyone planning to in the future. The application helps users manage information related to their investments, starting with the early research phase. Users can submit specific questions to investment targets and customize metrics to suit specific goals and objectives. The application also includes a user friendly interface that works well, even for users who are new to web applications.

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Hey fellow investors. I wanted to touch base and update everyone about a great new report function that we have added to BlackCamp.

I have to admit from the beginning of this post that I am one of those people that HATES creating reports. You might feel the same. Creating reports can be an extremely complex and laborious process. Often, the reports are not displayed how I would like, and they are frequently not as easy to understand as I would expect.

Not to worry any further! At BlackCamp, we have implemented a new report function that will make our lives much easier.

report generator functionI would like to introduce the BlackCamp PDF Report Generator. Many of you have been asking for this great new tool, and we are glad to make it available to all of our customers.

As most of you know, PDF has become the most popular and common document-sharing tool online. PDF files are free and easy to use, and everyone has the capability to access these files, not to mention the fact that PDF looks great on practically every display out there.

With our new PDF Report Generator, it is now possible for BlackCamp users to share their reports via PDF files with non-BlackCamp users. This opens up a great new level of report sharing possibilities for our customers.

The Report Generator can be used for a number of different purposes. Bring BlackCamp reports to board meetings, send your friends and co-workers reports directly to their tablets, or simply send reports via email attachment… the list of possibilities goes on and on!

Using the BlackCamp PDF Report Generator is also extremely EASY! All you have to do is choose which month you wish to create a report for. Then, select the metrics you wish to include and whether you will use a Year to Date table… then simply generate your PDF report. It’s easy as pie.

Report MetricsIn addition to the wonderful PDF report generator, BlackCamp users can also easily copy charts right out of the reports and use them in a presentation setting (or wherever you think this might be useful). This will make everything in your world of investments smooth and easy.

If you are already using BlackCamp, this great new tool should help you ramp up your efficiency level. Now, it’s easier than ever to keep reports of your investments with you at all times. On PDF!

Report ChartsTo those of you already using BlackCamp, we would love to hear from you about the various ways you are already using the new BlackCamp PDF Report Generator. Everyone we’ve talked to so far is loving it, and we think that you will too.

If you have any further questions about the PDF generation capabilities of BlackCamp, or any other questions for that matter, just shoot me an email at

Until next time!

AppV<ita Review of BlackCamp

Our web application BlackCamp has been reviewed by the popular blog, which is writing about the finest cloud apps since 2008.

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As a reminder here are the top 4 features, also appvita liked in our app:

  • BlackCamp gives investors an easy way to communicate with entrepreneurs
  • The dashboard page shows which investments are meeting their target goals
  • Investors can use BlackCamp without worrying about whether their information is secure
  • BlackCamp automatically creates useful charts that investors can use to measure the success of their investments

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Introducing some new features we are working on

Hey Everyone. I hope your experiences with BlackCamp have been going well! We’ve had a great response from our customers, and I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where BlackCamp is presently, and where we’ll be going in the near future.

First, I wanted to let you know that our developers have been working hard during the past few weeks to fix some minor bugs. Some minor glitches that you may have experienced are now fixed.

Second, and even more exciting, we’ve been implementing great new features to the BlackCamp system. These features were developed specifically from customer feedback and feature requests.

At this time, I would like to introduce some of the great new features we will have online in the very near future:

Export for Portfolio Companies
With this new function, also Portfolio Companies will be able to export the actual and target figures as a .csv file in order to import them into other tools that you may be using. You may also consider using these figures in your various presentations and at board meetings.

Export for Pitch Companies
We all know how hard it is to pitch your idea or project in an effective manner. Now, with the possibility of exporting your pitch questions and answers in a streamlined presentation .pdf file, the pitching company will be able to publish its presentation to other investors seamlessly.

Report Growth Comparison
A number of investors not only compare actuals against target figures, but also the growth of a company. We will soon be implementing the growth comparison report function. With this great new tool, you’ll be able to compare the growth of a company for any specified period.

I hope that you will find our new features as useful as our testers. We are always more than happy to receive feedback from you. To improve BlackCamp, we rely on you, our customers, to make BlackCamp the best investment and company tracking application… anywhere.

BlackCamp to revolutionize how actively participating company investors track, manage, and control their various company portfolios.

Zug, January 03, 2012: BlackLex AG announced today the launch of its new investment portfolio tracking and reporting application, BlackCamp. It is the world’s first web-based investment portfolio application specifically built for actively participating company investors. BlackLex expects heavy sales of BlackCamp in the first quarter which will likely exceed 2,500 customers by year end 2012.

BlackLex CEO, David Dostal, said of the new platform, “We’re truly excited about making BlackCamp available to the investing public. Many investors take a hands-on approach to the small companies they invest with and BlackCamp will revolutionizes the way they interact with those investments.”

BlackCamp is especially vital to the angel investor. These investors are high net-worth individuals who bring both capital and hands on management in exchange for an equity share of startup businesses. In fact, it is estimated that angel investors invested $26 billion in 2007 alone in the United States. These hands on investors are in desperate need of a product such as BlackCamp.

While there are countless tools available on the market to track simple investments, none of them address the concerns of the actively participating company investor. Attempting to use a spreadsheet or complex database to track and control an investment in a company is a laborious process. BlackCamp makes the process easy and intuitive.

BlackCamp will allow companies to report progress directly to their investors. Investors will then be able to read the reporting through a graphical analysis of both projected and actual results. BlackCamp allows for a flexible reporting process so that businesses in any sector may be mapped with minimal effort.

Dostal explained that, “Phone, email, and spreadsheets simply cannot provide the in-depth reporting and goal-setting that BlackCamp will allow.” He went on to say that, “If you need a close investment tracking solution to help control your investment, this is the answer for you.”

The new platform has a wide array of features available for its users. Included with BlackCamp are goal setting/monitoring functions, task tracking and management, file/document cloud-uploading capabilities, and the recording of calls and meetings. In addition, the application allows for multiple company tracking from the BlackCamp hub.

BlackCamp is designed to run on all devices, including standard laptops and desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The graphical interface appears the same on each device- type. Since the application is web-based, there is nothing to install and nothing to update.

Dostal ensured customers that BlackCamp is completely secure. He said, “The security of our users’ data is the most important factor I can think of at BlackLex. BlackCamp has a 256-bit SSL bank-level security encryption that integrates with McAfee Secure.”

Investors that take an active role in their various company investments are encouraged to visit BlackCamp’s website, Potential users of the application are invited to a free, 14-day trial with no credit card required. There are three different packages that an investor may sign-up for, each package allowing for a different number of portfolio companies to be tracked.


About BlackLex

BlackLex is a Swiss-based internet investor that specializes in mobile and internet companies. Its focus is on the Central Eastern European markets and South American market. It is an investor that takes an active role in the companies that it invests in. BlackLex developed BlackCamp in order to allow other investors to take advantage of its proprietary, intuitive, high-end investment portfolio tracking capabilities.



Press release – pdf Version

Is it worth it to switch to BlackCamp

Almost every day, someone asks me, “Is it worth it to switch to BlackCamp while managing my portfolio the way I’ve always done it?”

Here at BlackCamp, we’ve learned that the majority of actively participating investors such as startup investors, angel investors, etc., all seem to have their own way of tracking and managing their investments. Most of these methods are quite simply hard to use and not very fun to say the least. In fact, the majority of people I’ve spoken with who are thinking about switching to BlackCamp still use Excel spreadsheets as their main tracking tool.

If you’re an investor who takes an active management or guidance role in one (or multiple) companies in your portfolio, you need to simplify. BlackCamp lets you do just about everything that you’ve probably been doing over multiple platforms (or spreadsheets), all from one place.

Workflow is extremely important when you’re an active investor. Whether you are taking an active role in one or 100 companies, you need to streamline your efforts. Trying to keep all of your files on different spreadsheet, online databases, offline databases, email, files… on and on… is extremely difficult and cuts into both your time and ability to take on new projects and stay profitable.

Luckily, with BlackCamp you are now able to measure and manage all of your investments with a simplicity that isn’t available with any other solution.

If you switch to BlackCamp from your present, probably excruciatingly difficult spreadsheets and databases, you’re going to be saving a lot of time, and you know what they say about saving time… (you save money).

When you sign up with BlackCamp, you’re streamlining your efforts and creating an incredibly efficient workflow. This will allow you to make more investments, smarter decisions in your investments, and throw out all those spreadsheets.

So why not give BlackCamp a try. We’re still offering our 14 day free trial as of today. Our newest customers who’ve switched over from their old way of doing things to BlackCamp have loved their new way of tracking and managing their portfolios. Start managing your investments smarter. Try BlackCamp. And, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send over an email at

Successful new year with BlackCamp

Hello everyone. I wanted to say a quick Happy New Year, and hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday season. Now that we’re all back to work, it’s time for you to take that first step in creating a more streamlined investment portfolio. It’s time to sign-up with BlackCamp and give our new multi-platform investment application a try!

We’re running a 14-day free trial for anyone who is still on the fence about committing to a full subscription to BlackCamp. You don’t even need to give us your credit card. Just give BlackCamp a look and you’ll be hooked.

Whether you’re an angel investor with a 100-company portfolio, or are backing your first startup company, you need to be active, and you need to be informed about the companies you’re investing with. BlackCamp will make investing and taking an active role in company management easy… even if you’re not in the same country as your investment.

BlackCamp has a multitude of easy to use features that investors love. In fact, BlackCamp is the ONLY application on the market built specifically for YOU… the private investor.

Our reporting and management tools are second to none. You can track projections and actuals, view intuitive graphical progress charts, assign tasks and even share documents. All of this, and a whole lot more, right from the BlackCamp dashboard. No more painstaking spreadsheets and databases. No more email and phone tag. Finally, you can keep track of your individual company investments all from one place.

We look forward to seeing many new customers as we go forward this year. Why not make your New Year’s Resolution to be a more streamlined, profitable investor. Sounds good to me! Click here to head over to our signup page. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh yeah, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at Talk to you soon!

The BlackCamp Dashboard

BlackCamp - Dashboard

Today we want to introduce a new feature we have implemented into BlackCamp – The Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives you a quick overview about the key metrics and what is going on in your portfolio:

  • Who of your portfolio company has logged in recently.
  • Actual & Target at a glance. Which reports has been filled out, which not.
  • Overview of tasks with a graphical chart of late and completed tasks.
  • Recently created records.
  • Recently uploaded documents.

BlackCamp - DashboardBlackCamp - Dashboard

BlackCamp - Dashboard

The investor is able to see this for each portfolio company. A user of a portfolio company sees just his company on the dashboard. There’s nothing more to explain, it’s simple and easy to understand.

Convince yourself!


Yesterday evening several customers contacted us regarding the dragable fields. Suddenly they were displayed twice and the order was lost.

Dragable fields

This error occured due to a bug in some javascript code, which enables a Drag & Drop interaction not only for a mouse but also for multi touch devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Our “bug fixer” was quick to point to correct this issue, so now everything is working well.

Do you got stucked? Or do you have found a bug? Then please use our Send us your Feedback form to send us your comment.

Export your data with BlackCamp

Today we have added a cool new feature, which enables you to export all inserted data and all uploaded files for each company. You can find the export button in the settings menu.

[image title="Export Folder Structure" align="center" height="185" width="231"][/image]

After clicking on it, a zip-file with a clear folder structure is going to be downloaded to your computer. After unzipping the file, the folders contain either a csv-file or the uploaded files to BlackCamp.

[image border="true" title="Export Folder Structure" align="center" height="185" width="189"][/image]

The export can be used for using the data outside of BlackCamp, e.g. when you want to do further calculations in an Excel-sheet or just to create your local backup.